• FAQ-Leasing Information

Do you offer 6 month leases?
Our lease terms for the downtown property run from August 1st through July 31st.
If a situation arises such that availability develops we will consider a 6 month lease. 

Is there an application fee?

Do you require a parental guarantee?
If you are 18 years of age or older we do not require a parental guarantee.

How much security deposit is required?
The security deposit is equal to one month's rent.

What do I have to do to get my security deposit back?
Included in each lease is a security deposit policy that lays out all of the requirements to receive your deposit at the end of your lease.

When is rent due?
Rent is due on the first day of each month. There is a five day grace period to pay rent. After 5:00pm on the fifth day of the month rent is considered late.

How do I pay rent?
You can mail the rent, drop it off at our main office (located at 950 Prince Avenue  Athens, Ga. 30606), or put it in the rent drop box. Make sure that NO cash is placed in the drop box.   

What is my late fee?
After 5:00 pm on the 5th of the month, a 15% percent late fee will be added.

Do you accept credit cards?
We will accept Visa and Mastercard.  A 3% convenience fee will be added to all credit card payments. 

Can we pay with separate checks?
You are allowed to pay with separate checks; however, please include the tenant's name and the apartment number on the check. Each roommate must indicate which apartment he/she lives in, and the tenants name must be present on the check.

Can I have pets?
Pets are allowed, but there is a $250 non-refundable pet fee, per pet.

Can I sublease my apartment?
You may sub lease the unit with a replacement approved by our office.  Call the office about the requirements.

How can I switch roommates?
The only way to switch roommates or modify the lease, all parties on the lease agree to the changes, and fill out appropriate paperwork.

  • FAQ-Maintenance Information

What do I do if I have a maintenance problem?
You may e-mail us at  Fredshp@yahoo.com or call our office at 706-613-2742 to report any maintenance issues.  

In the event of a  fire or smoke emergency one should call 911; then establish contact with our emergency courtesy officer who will respond to the situation.

For an after hours maintenance emergency, call our onsite courtesy officer at 706-207-1847 (Brad).  We stress that this number is for emergencies only.

In the event of an emergency situation, Tenant should call our office/emergency line and describe the situation as thoroughly as possible.  Make sure to leave a name and number where you can be reached.

What is considered an emergency?
Running water        
Tenant seeing/smelling smoke.
Tenant has no water.
Leaking water coming from ceiling, water heater, etc…
Unit cannot be secured/locked.

What do I do if my toilet overflows?
Immediately turn the toilet off by closing the valve on the wall behind the toilet. Plunge toilet and remove any spilled water with towels or a mop to prevent water from leaking to the apartments below. Call the office and someone will discuss the problem and send the appropriate repairman.

What if I lock myself out of my apartment?
If it is during office hours then you may come by and borrow a key to let yourself in. After business hours call our courtesy officer Brad at 706-207-1847. The person on call will come and let you in for a charge of $50.00.

  • Area Information

Local Utility Companies

Georgia Power - 1-888-660-5890

Athens Clark County Water - 1-706-613-3500

Charter - 1-888-438-2427

Dish Network - 1-877-203-9037


Internet 1-800-436-8638

Phone 1-888-757-6500

High Speed 1-888-321-2375

Downtown Parking

Classic Center Parking at 300 N. Thomas St. (706-208-0900).    www.Classiccenter.com/parking.php

The Hilton Parking at 390 E. Washington St.  (706-353-6800).  www.Hiltongardeninn.hilton.com

Athens Downtown Development Authority  (706-353-1421).   www.downtownathensga.com

Prestige Parking at P.O. Box 1812

Fred's Historic Properties

We are located at 610 Oglethorpe Avenue, Athens GA. 30606.

• Office Phone - 706-613-2742
• Office Fax - 706-369-6788
• Office E-mail - www.fredshp@yahoo.com
• Office Website - www.fredshp.com

• Emergency Only - 706-207-1847  This line is for a TENANT EMERGENCY only.
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